• Summary

    Taking the reins of an IT shop in the aftermath of a nationally televised security breach is not for the faint of heart. However, using a mix of conventional and unconventional strategies, I was able to get the organization moving again. As a team, we rebuilt our confidence and worked to secure the infrastructure while improving the systems that support our customers.


    I have been developing IT strategies to transform organizations for over 25 years and there isn’t much I haven’t seen. My experience and knowledge helps me deal with IT organizations in crisis. Whether it is a data breach, a failed software project, or a complicated merger, I can quickly develop and effectively communicate the alternatives available.


    Once a consensus is established, I will develop a road map to stabilize the situation and get everyone moving in the same direction. It is very important to build in some quick wins with respect to overall strategy. That is why I tend to steer the organization to cloud and other on-demand technologies.


    My goal is always to implement and support technologies that are appropriate in terms of cost, security, and scalability.


    Contact Info

    Phone: (844) 687-7526

    Email: kurt (at) hamm (dot) me

    Secure Email: kurt (at) hammsecure (dot) com

    Skype: kurthamm

    GTalk: kurthamm

    Public Key: https://keybase.io/kurthamm/key.asc

    HECNet Email: LARRY::KURT

    DoD #5211

  • Experience

    NTT Data Services

    Sr. Cloud Consultant Mar 2019 - Present

    Providing implementation and technical support for cloud based applications on the Contact Center space.

    Software Specialists

    Senior Program Manager Sept 2015 - Mar 2019

    Providing large project and general IT consulting for various clients.

    SC Department of Revenue

    Deputy Director and CIO Apr 2013 - Sept 2015

    Administer and direct all aspects of the technology needs for the SC Department of Revenue.


    Director, Information Technology (US) Oct 2012 - Mar 2013

    Reporting to the VP, Worldwide Contact Center Operations, responsible for IT Infrastructure and personnel management for 6 US Concentrix locations and global Contact Centers.

    Time Warner Cable

    Regional Director, Call Center Telephony Dec 2008 - Oct 2012

    Reporting to the Regional Vice President of Customer Care, responsible for all aspects of support related to Call Center technologies for all locations in the Eastern US.

    Time Warner Cable

    Director, Information Technology Sep 2005 - Dec 2008

    Reporting to the Vice President of Finance, responsible for all aspects of technology infrastructure and support for all locations in the state of South Carolina.

    US Xpress Enterprises

    Vice President, Technology Services Jan 2005 - Sep 2005

    Reporting directly to the Chief Information Officer, responsible all aspects of Technical Infrastructure and support.

  • Education

    University of South Carolina

    The Moore School of Business

    Bachelor of Science - Business Administration (Finance)

    • National Honor Society for Veterans
    • Golden Key National Honor Society
    • Dean's List
    • President's List

    Lagrange Senior High School

    1978 - 1982

  • Recommendations




    Kurt is the type of leader who keeps his hands in technology as a power user, and has the business acumen and visionary skills to use technology and assist each business unit accross the enterprise with solving their business challenges. Understanding the needs of both internal and external customers, and delivering, is what continues to make Kurt a strong IT Leader.

    Chris Dickenson


    Kurt who?

    Steve Jobs


    That guy owes me money!

    — Vint Cerf


    Somebody call security.

    — Elon Musk

  • Skills

    Information Technology

    I started my IT career as a data entry clerk on an IBM System/34 in High School.  I have worked in just about every position that can be found in an IT department.  I consider myself a  highly technical person and I work constantly to keep up on the latest technology trends.

    Information Security

    Information Security grew up during my time in IT.  I successfully managed an infosec turnaround after a nationally televised data breach.  I have  a thorough knowledge of prevailing security methodologies and standards.  Most importantly, I understand the concept of risk management and the balance between operations and security.

    IT Strategy

    I can often quickly assess the current state of IT and develop the most appropriate way forward.  This often means a change in strategy. When making strategy decisions, people often start with assumptions.  These assumptions protect the status quo and impede the organization's ability to evolve.

    Personnel Management

    I have been managing people for almost 25 years.  My management style is to let stars run and let dogs go. I hire good people and give them the authority to be successful. I am not a micro-manager and expect people to take ownership.

    IT Finance

    IT is often a problem for the accounting/finance department. There are some fundamental strategies to assist in dealing with IT finances. IT spending should be fully justified and benefits measured.

    Program/Project Management

    There is a sweet spot for the application of Project Management.  This is the amount of Project Management that enables and does not impede.  I have only seen one Project Management methodology that works consistently.  Hint: It doesn't spell PMO.

    Customer Care Telephony

    I have valuable experience supporting Customer Care systems.  Common IT strategies are often insufficient when supporting systems that touch the ultimate customer. This environment continues to be an area in which IT can add tremendous value.

    Application Development and Integration

    I have worked as a programmer and managed Application Development teams. Overall strategy is everything with respect to apps. Do you build or buy? I can help make that decision.

  • Sample Articles

    These are some articles I have written.  Writing helps me organize my thoughts and improve focus.

    Lately, I have been interested in the early nuclear program in America, the Manhattan project and the Cold War.  I think, buried in History, are many lessons for helping with IT challenges.  We like to think that our complex projects are unusual when, in fact, many have been dealt with for...
    How many security incidents have you had in the last month?  How about the last year?  Surveys suggest that your answer is probably zero.  Somehow, you do have a documented Incident Response Plan.  Probably a quickly thrown together document to satisfy an audit or security review.  Yeah... been...
    February 9, 2016
    I believe I can sum up all the characteristics of a successful IT organization in one word: Credibility.  Credibility is defined as “the quality of being trusted and believed in.”  First, credibility means that we are trusted.  When we state something, there is a good probability that our...
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